Emma Watson Gets Flustered Re-Watching a Harry Potter Outtake…

Nearly two decades after her debut as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, there are still moments of the movies that make Emma Watson cringe.

Exhibit A: this outtake from The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Thanks to the magical powers of Jimmy Kimmel, him and his team dug up a deleted scene from the actress’ first film in the franchise.

It won’t take long to notice that the pint-sized star was accidentally mouthing the words to her co-stars’ lines.

“This is actually quite traumatic for me,” the star told Kimmel Monday night after burrowing her face in her hands. “I would ruin takes.”

“Chris [Columbus] would be like, ‘Cut! Emma, you’re doing it again,'” Watson recalled. “I couldn”t help myself. I was such a loser. I really love those books. I really wanted to do my job well and I kind of over did it.”

Don’t fret, Emma—we just call that being prepared.

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