Ed Sheeran’s Wax Sculpture Has A Bulge

There comes a time in a famous person’s life when it simply isn’t enough to be human. That’s when they turn you into a statue. Yup, like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and the lads of One Direction, Ed Sheeran has joined the waxy ranks of famous folks at Madame Tussauds. And he’s quite pleased with how it turned out.

“Met my waxwork at Madame Tussaud,” Teddy wrote. “He didn’t say much but he’s got a bulge so it’s all good.”

Thumbs up for manhood, I guess.


Does Ed’s photo have you doing double takes? It did for me. If you didn’t realize that the ginger-tressed singer in the forefront was made from beeswax, you might’ve thought he was reuniting with his long lost brother. #twinning.

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction predicted that Sheeran would get his own statuewhen we talked to him way back in 2013. “I think it’d be cool to have Ed Sheeran there in his little orange hoodie with his orange hair,” Louis said. Well, there’s no orange hoodie, but a green flannel will do. The guitar and tattoos are pretty accurate too.

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