Ed Sheeran Definitely Had A Better Weekend Than Any Of Us

In the storied Game of Weekends, there are many chapters, sagas and epochs. As such, there are many who would claim victory for themselves — but today, there is no clearer champion than Ed Sheeran.

It all began on Thursday (July 9) — which, yeah, is not technically the weekend, but it is if you’re in college, so just go with it — when Ed officially received the Guinness World Record for the “longest climb to No. 1 on the UK singles charts.” His song “Thinking Out Loud” stayed on top for 19 weeks in 2014 between July 5 and November 8, and now he has the cool plaque to prove it.

Certainly enough to make a weekend satisfying, right? Maybe to normals. But Ed clearly operates in a higher realm than us mere mortals, one where Manchester United soccer player Wayne Rooney has personalized shirts (and cleats?) made for each member of Ed’s road team. Nice.

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