Duo goes against the flow in ‘Battle Creek’

Some battles take longer to win than others.

For CBS’ Battle Creek (Sunday, 10 ET/PT, * * * stars out of four), the wait to enter TV’s winners circle has been about 12 years, which is how long ago Vince Gilligan wrote the original pilot script. It took the cachet he earned with Breaking Bad to bring new interest to the pilot, a partnership with House‘s David Shore (the day-to-day producer) to shepherd it to air, and an ideally teamed Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters to bring the script to humorous life.

It’s not quite accurate to say the show has been worth the wait, since most of us didn’t know we were waiting. But it is worth a Sunday watch, particularly for those who enjoy the off-center, off-balance take Gilligan brought to characters and situations in Bad andBetter Call Saul —in a lighter and less violent — if less brilliant — package.

With gruff charm and a kind of built-in blue-collar believability, Winters grounds the show as Russ Agnew, a well-respected Battle Creek cop…  read more