Drivers believe NASCAR, IndyCar racing and danger will always be intertwined

INDIANAPOLIS — Mark Miles is reflecting on a race more than five years ago and he still can’t take his hands away from his eyes as he speaks.

The pack racing at the 2014 IndyCar series finale at Fontana was like watching a train wreck for the CEO and president of IndyCar’s parent company: stressful to watch, but impossible to look away from.

“It was so exciting and frightening. You couldn’t take your eyes off the screen while you were covering them up,” Miles told IndyStar on Tuesday. “NASCAR drivers were tweeting, ‘Are you watching this?’ I was getting goosebumps, but we felt like it as over the top.

“But it is interesting to me, as someone who didn’t come up with this sport, that an element of danger commands so much attention in a way.”

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