Dracarys In Game Of Thrones: Meaning And Why Missandei Says It In Season 8, Episode 4

Dracarys–it’s a word we’ve heard Daenerys Targaryen utter numerous times over the course of Game of Thrones, dating back to the early seasons. Season 8, Episode 4 featured a particularly significant use of it, as Missandei declares it in a major moment for the character. But what does it mean and, more importantly, what is the significance of it between her and Dany? We explore that below, as there is potentially more meaning to it than you might first assume. It’s one of multiple subtle callbacks to years-old moments, not unlike Arya’s “That’s not me.”

If you’re caught up with Season 8, check out our review of Episode 4, which explores some of the continued problems we think this season is suffering from. We also have a collection of Easter eggs and references that you might have missed, and not just the coffee cup that was in all the headlines this week. Looking ahead, there’s also the Episode 5 preview trailer and a look at whether there could be more dragons in Westeros. We’ve also got a fresh pile of new theories for the last two episodes of the series.

Game of Thrones Season 8 has only two episodes left, and the show as a whole will thus be over in just over a week’s time. The most recent episode came this past Sunday night in the form of Episode 4, which dealt with the fallout of Episode 3’s Battle of Winterfell. While a somewhat quiet episode in comparison, it wasn’t without its developments. After tensions ran high (both political and bedroom related), we’re fast approaching the penultimate moment in the battle for the Iron Throne. Episode 4’s conclusion was particularly tense, and one word may have defined what happens next as one last big battle looms. Spoiler warning: The events of Episode 4 are described below.

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