Do we really need another ‘Spider-Man’?

So, Sony and Marvel have joined forces to take the Spider-Man movie franchise in “a new creative direction,” with the next installment planned to hit theaters in July 2017.

That’s right — another “Spider-Man” reboot, announced just nine months after Spidey’s last swing through theaters in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and three years after the franchise’s first relaunch.

Sigh. Again? Already? Seriously?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, star Andrew Garfield is not returning as Spider-Man, freeing the producers of the next movie to cast a new face.

OK, so maybe Sony and Marvel are eager to purge the sour aftertaste of the last “Spider-Man” movie, which was savaged by fans and critics alike. But even by Hollywood’s increasingly impatient time frame for relaunching superheroes, this move feels awfully hasty.

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