Disney Working on Tower of Terror Film

Disney’s popular theme park ride Tower of Terror is getting the big screen treatment.

Not much is known about the movie so far, as Disney is currently looking for a screenwriter to bring Tower of Terror, one of its most popular rides, to life on the big screen, according to Deadline.

The theme park ride, in its basic essence, is a falling elevator ride that combines Twilight Zone-esque narration and footage before riders are subjected to an elevator car that falls abruptly from the top of the tower, then climbing back up and dropping the riders again.

The premise of the ride is that five individuals disappeared in the elevator after it is struck by lighting, evoking a haunted house vibe as riders wait in line for their turn to experience precipitous falls.

Tower of Terror has previously been made into a television movie in 1997 starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst. It is also not the first Disney theme park ride to be green lit for a feature film, as the widely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was originally based off the Disney ride of the same name.

Despite the success of Pirates, which has grossed over $3.7 billion across its first four films with the fifth installment set for a July 7, 2017 release, Disney’s recently released Tomorrowland, which was partly inspired from the theme park ride, has disappointed at the box office despite starring George Clooney.

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