Delena’s Steamy Towel Time And All The Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Vampire Diaries’

As the sixth season of “The Vampire Diaries” draws near to a close, so does our time with Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert (and Katherine Pierce and Amara). *Insert sob face emoji here.*

The show’s going to be down one doppelganger after this season is over, which means… well, we actually don’t really know yet.

1. Huzzah towel time!

First of all, it’s clear Team Delena will be getting some extra on-screen affection to make up for the impending lack of lusty time after Nina’s exit.

2. Then the mom came in and stirred s–t up for real.

Lily might’ve missed out on the past, oh, century or so of her kid’s life, but she still knows him well enough to punch all the right buttons. She just so happened to overhear that Damon’s got a vial of the Cure hidden away, which is actually kind of effed up when you think about it.

3. There was also all that front and back stabbery courtesy of Caroline