Daniel Seavey takes ‘Idol’ ouster in stride

Wednesday night, Daniel Seavey seemed preternaturally calm as faced the prospect of elimination from American Idol. “I’m 15, and I’m onAmerican Idol, so it’s all good,” the 15-year-old fromVancouver, Wash., told Ryan Seacrest as viewers chose between him and Rayvon Owen in the show’s first-ever live tweet vote.

Today, Seavey still seems to possess an equanimity beyond his years. “I had a feeling I was going to go home at some point, so I was okay,” he says when reached by phone.

If history is any indication, Seavey would have had one more week under Idol‘s usual voting structure. The show’s young, teen heartthrobs — a role Seavey filled perfectly with his bright eyes and big smile — typically go home seventh. Just ask Tim Urban. OrColton Dixon. Or Sanjaya Malakar.

But Idol threw in a late twist, telling viewers they could tweet during a five-minute portion of the episode to save either Owen or Seavey. “It was kind of weird,” Seavey says, “because it was such a new twist. We didn’t know it was coming that quick.”

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