‘Cyber’ is just the same old ‘CSI’

Even the best-loved vehicle eventually shows its age.

You can slap on a new coat of paint and tune up the engine. You can even put an Oscar winner at the wheel. But at a certain point, old looks old.

But look, we get it. CSI has been an incredibly successful and profitable franchise for CBS and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and they’re loath to let it go. No doubt some fans are, too, particularly those who remember how distinctive and innovative it felt back in 2000.

But time has passed, styles have changed and innumerable imitators have beaten the freshness out of the concept, leaving CBS’s CSI: Cyber (Wednesday, 10 ET/PT, ** out of four) a show that may become best known for provoking the question “Is this really the best you can do with Patricia Arquette?”

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