Coco Sometimes Wishes She Started Having Kids Earlier in Life…

When the topic of baby Chanel comes up, Coco immediately lights up every time.

Whether it’s discussing her daughter’s fashionable closet or irresistible Instagram page, the proud mom is absolutely in love with her first child.

And while sitting down with E! News exclusively at Chanel’s nine-month birthday photo shoot with Jessie Marrero Photography, the first-time parent couldn’t help but wonder what life would be like if she started having a family earlier.

“If I had her first, I wouldn’t even care about my career honestly. This to me is a career and I wish that I kind of got the grip a little earlier in life,” Coco shared with E! News. “I know that it’s meant to be because if I would have had [kids] earlier, I may have not had her. I would maybe be in a different position in my life.”

Ice-T‘s leading lady also believes “everything is planned out a certain way” and that God has a plan. But it won’t prevent her from asking a few what if’s.

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