Chrissy Teigen shares up-close snap of her stretch marks

Just like her husband John Legend’s “All of Me” song, Chrissy Teigen is embracing all her curves and edges.

The 31-year-old model shared an up-close-and personal pic of her stretch marks on Wednesday night, with the caption: “Whatevs.”

She later tweeted: “When I drink wine I say “whatevs,” and sober Chrissy doesn’t like it.”

Several of Teigen’s Twitter followers praised her for the pic, and some even posted photos of their own stretch marks.

One commenter exclaimed, “Thanks for reminding everyone that not everyone is 100% flawless (even tho you are and stuff).”

“Thank you so much for this. OMG, I grew up hating my body because of my stretch marks,” another one of her followers wrote. “Never had representation of women with visible stretch marks.”

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