Chrissy Teigen Comes For Her Haters With Hilarious Thanksgiving Clapbacks

🔥 ‘Tis the season. 🔥

If we were sending a Thanksgiving telegram to our relatives about Chrissy Teigen’s latest Twitter clapbacks, it would simply read “TEIGEN TWEETS, LEAVES NO SURVIVORS.”

The supermodel and TV host went on Twitter to host a Thanksgiving Q&A, which quickly turned into a lesson on how to roast your haters. Some of her greatest comebacks were in response to trolls who still couldn’t get over Teigen’s American Music Awards dress, which featured two super-high slits.

“No, your [sic] a woman, not a lady, a lady doesn’t speak like you do or dress that way,” a user who goes by @seanfromla tweeted, in reference to the dress and the wardrobe malfunction Teigen suffered because of the high slits.

“Oh Sean, I wake up every day just wanting to please you, I’m so sorry I disappointed you.” she said oozing sarcasm. “I ― listen ― I don’t know what I can say but, wow, I apologize. I didn’t mean it to happen. But sorry, Sean. Sorry.”

“Could’ve worn pants,” another Twitter user named Alivia tweeted at Teigen, in reference to her AMAs outfit. Big mistake. Huge.

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