Body Shamers On Kim Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Post Prove People Suck

When will people learn that body-shaming anyone for ANY reason will never be okay? And by anyone, I mean anyone — even celebrities like The Kardashians and Amy Schumer who might appear to be unfazed by the harsh statements that litter the comment sections of their own social media accounts.

The notorious trolls of the Internet have taken aim at Kim Kardashian once again after she posted an Instagram photo of her in a bodysuit with the caption “pre photo shoot fittings.”

As many other celebs and public figures do, it seems like the 35-year-old star simply wants to connect with her fan base as she’s done for so many years and has no plan on stopping any time soon.

But the vicious body-shaming trolls of the world? They haven’t stopped either.

The photo racked up over 500,000 likes in just 45 minutes. Along with the likes came a slew of nasty comments that prove the human race can be pretty shitty for no apparent reason.

Here are 10 of the harshest comments posted on the photo…

“Your body looks awkward.”
“Your body is not in proportion. Looks weird.”
“Body lookin’ like a goddamn wisdom tooth.”
“You lost it, Kim.”

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