Beyoncé Bled Onstage And Now People Are Reportedly Cutting Themselves

It’s not clear if the movement is a hoax, but it’s very disturbing.

The Beyhive may have taken their love for Queen Bey a little too far.

During the star’s performance at the Tidal X: 1015 concert in Brooklyn on Saturday night, Beyoncé’s earring apparently caught on her braid and got ripped out, leaving her ear bleeding on stage. Of course, she continued to perform as if nothing had happened.

Bey noticed her bleeding earlobe while she was singing her song “Haunted.”

In response, a few members of the Beyhive reportedly started cutting their ears in solidarity with Bey, sharing photos and messages with the hashtags #CutForBeyonce and #BleedForBeyonce on social media.

Some of the images on social media are pretty graphic ― don’t say we didn’t warn you ― though it’s tough to say whether or not they’re real. (We hope they aren’t.) Some people sharing the hashtags may also just be trolls with too much time on their hands. Either way, the whole message is concerning, and if anyone is planning on cutting their ear for Beyoncé, please don’t.

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