Best Animated TV Series on Netflix Right Now

Last Updated July 4th

When it comes to streaming content on Netflix, you have a lot of choices. A lot. We’re here to help you narrow the vast library down to something a little more manageable. And if you’re looking for classic cartoons, world-famous anime series, or the latest in computer-generated animation, then you’ve come to the right place!

Each month, we’ll comb through Netflix’s collection of animated series, from traditional childhood favorites to the streaming provider’s own original series. If you’re an anime fan, there’s a lot here to be excited about, though Netflix does struggle with providing the entire run of some of the longer series, often offering up only the first season as a teaser. However, they’re also the only place to find current, ongoing series like the rebooted Voltron Legendary Defender and the Emmy-winning Trollhunters from Guillermo del Toro. And if you want to relive some of your favorite childhood moments, or share then with younger audiences, shows like The Magic School Bus are a great start!

Each month, we’ll revisit Netflix’s new additions and updates to ongoing series to bring you the best of the best of their animated TV series offerings. Be sure to come back each month to see what’s changed, and let us know your favorites in the comments and we’ll make sure they get added to the list! In the meantime, check out this month’s best available animated TV series below. We’ll also be listing them in order of age ratings with kids shows first and more adult series coming later. And for related suggestions for all things TV and movies, check out the following links:

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