Beck kicks off Boston Calling with style

Beck kicks off Boston Calling with style

Is there anything that Beck can’t do?

That’s the question we were asking as we walked away from the exhilarating opening salvo of the spring edition of the three day Boston Calling Music Festival on City Hall Plaza Friday night.

In a wide-ranging, fast-moving, and hip-seducing 90 minute headlining set Beck reminded the enthusiastic crowd just how remarkably diverse his tastes are and how expertly he shoots each arrow in his musical quiver.

One minute he was the shaggy, shambolic rapper of yore, bouncing through his breakthrough hit “Loser” as if he’d written it the day before with a youthful energy that belied the song’s age and featuring spine-tingling sitar flourishes. The next he was a sexy soul crooner, inviting the ladies to step into his Hyundai as he explored the upper reaches of his falsetto on “Debra.” He transformed briefly into the contemplative folkie that is one of his sweetest spots as a songwriter, wearily bemoaning a “Lost Cause” with lilting acoustic guitars and a burnished vocal, following with the simpatico “Blue Moon” from his recent album of the year Grammy winner “Morning Phase.” A pivot took him to the dance floor to help everyone get on the good foot with the smooth, slithering pop gem “Think I’m In Love” giving way to a bit of Boston homegirl Donna Summer’s disco classic “I Feel Love” adding a bit of shimmering synth seasoning as the lights bounced off City Hall Plaza façade in concert with the ecstatic mood.

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