‘Back to the Future II’ got right

After the Chicago Cubs made the playoffs, the creators of ‘Back to the Future II’ were heralded as oracles. In 1985, the possibility that even the Cubs could win the World Series was a joke about the future, but it turned out to be prescient. The Cubs are now in the playoffs and could win it all.

But if the Cubs do win, they will not beat Miami, the team the Cubs beat in the “Back to the Future II” World Series of 2015.

And that’s how it goes with most of the movie’s predictions: Even with what the producers predicted correctly – the movie takes Marty McFly and Doc Brown to Oct. 21, 2015 – they didn’t get it completely right.

Here’s what the movie got right, what it got wrong and what the producers didn’t even think of.

City planning: The movie correctly predicted that city planners would start promoting community spaces and the preservation of buildings. The town square in the movie, which was a parking lot in 1985, was turned into green space for the 2015 future.

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