Americans Becoming More Welcoming to Gays, Lesbians

Americans Becoming More Welcoming to Gays, Lesbians

The historic legalization of same-sex marriage in the Unites States last month suggests that the nation has marched towards accepting members of the LGBT community. Now, a new study backs this, showing that more and more Americans have a generally positive attitude towards gays and lesbians.

The study, conducted by University of Virginia researchers from February 6, 2006 until August 10, 2013, revealed that explicit preferences for straight people over lesbians and gays have decreased by 26 percent while the implicit preference for the same have shrunk by 13.4 percent over the seven-year time frame.

It was also determined from the research that Hispanic, White, female, liberal, and young adult participants showed the largest shift in their evaluation while the smallest changes in evaluation occurred among Black, Asian, male, conservative, and older adult participants.

The researchers also noted that in all the demographic groups, race, age, and political views were the biggest predictor of unconscious attitude change while sexual orientation, political views, education, and US residency have a huge effect on the changes in explicit preferences.

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