‘American Horror Story: Hotel Recap: Episode 7

This week’s episode conjured a version of Hollywood history soaked in blood, sex and treachery. You know, like actual Hollywood history, except involving the undead.

Through an extended glimpse at 1925, a time when the silent screen stars were on the verge of extinction thanks to the advent of talkies, we experience the Countess’s introduction to immortality, and it’s as sexy and disturbing as you’d think. The series also continues its tradition of mixing real-life figures into its fantastical narrative, with some old Hollywood names seizing the spotlight.

Yet there’s also room this week for John Lowe’s storyline as he hunts down a lead to the suspect in the 10 Commandments Killer case. He discovers something more troubling than he expected. Then there’s that secret locked away behind one inch of steel in the hidden reaches of the Hotel Cortez. Let’s dig in.

Rats in the Walls

This week featured one of this season’s freakiest opening sequences. Construction workers remodeling the Cortez in Will Drake’s image find an unusual wall, one made of one-inch-thick steel. They cut their way in using torches and find an abandoned hallway with the stench of death in the air and rat corpses littering the way. It isn’t long until they find out what actually lurks in there: Two ancient-looking vampires starving for fresh human blood, and its blood they get. First, it’s the construction workers, and then it’s the Realtor who handled Drake’s deal to buy the hotel. You may remember her from the first season of “AHS,” too. She specializes in cursed real estate.

Fear the Walking Dead

There’s nothing particularly horrifying beyond the moment when Iris shows The Countess the hole in the wall and the bodies left to rot. Well, except for The Countess’s expression. Iris makes note of it. She’s never seen the lady of the house that afraid before.


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