After 14 Years Apart, Lalaine And Hilary Duff Are Reconnecting Thanks To The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Mini Reunion

Remember a few weeks ago when the mini “Lizzie McGuire” reunion happened, and we all died inside just a little bit?

Of happiness, of course.

Since then, we’ve heard from Jake Thomas, and obviously we know Hilary Duff has been pretty busy lately. But what about Lalaine, aka the BFF of our dreams, Miranda Sanchez?

As she told The Huffington Post recently, Lalaine is doing just fine. Now 27, the former child star lives a pretty “relaxed” life. “[My life used to consist of] craziness and nonstop everything, and, when I was a kid, not really knowing what a kid’s life was. It was just go, go, go,” she said. “Now it’s just a completely different perspective on my go, go, go. I’m just more like trying to walk over there. I’m not trying to jog or run anymore.”

While admitting that she’d lost touch with her “Lizzie” co-stars over the years — as everyone tends to do with their friends from childhood — the surprise reunion *might* have sparked a brand new start. “[Hilary] and I exchanged numbers,” Lalaine revealed. “She texted me a couple times, and it’s such a trip to randomly see her name pop up on my phone now. It’s like, yeah, we may not have spoken for 14 years, but somehow it’s one of those things where it’s probably gonna just pick up where it left off.”

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