Adele Reveals Her Favorite Breakup Songs

“I mope around for a little while,” says Adele of her post-breakup routine. “I do embrace the fact that I’m heartbroken. I don’t move on quickly. I don’t know if that’s because it seems that I’m only really creative when I’m a bit momentarily depressed.” The songs born out of these “momentarily depressed” states are among the most emotionally powerful the pop music canon. As long as the newly single nurse their shattered psyches with endless pints of ice cream, her music will live forever.

Adele, 28, is the queen of breakup songs, but what are some tracks that helpedher through those ruined relationships? She shared her picks.

1. “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” by Bonnie Raitt

We can’t make ourselves stop bawling at this 1991 hit from Ms. Raitt. Listen to Adele’s stunning cover for extra sadness.

2. “After the Storm,” by Mumford & Sons

Marcus and Co. achieved biblical levels of bummed out on this album cut from their 2009 debut, Sigh No More.

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