A killer robot brings Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader together again

One guy is the face of the Marvel movie franchise, the other is its latest big, bad villain, and there’s a whole lot of metal involved in between. But Avengers: Age of Ultron (in theaters Friday, in case you’ve been buried in a Hydra fortress) rekindles an old friendship between Robert Downey Jr. (as Iron Man) and old friend James Spader (as Ultron) dating back to the 1980s, when the two buddies shared screen time in 1985’s Tuff Turf and two years later in Less Than Zero.

They didn’t have the best on-screen relationship in Less Than Zero — with Spader’s Rip playing drug dealer and quasi-pimp to Downey’s Julian.

And they definitely don’t in Age of Ultron — with Spader’s 8-foot-tall vibranium destruction machine Ultron playing Frankenstein’s monster to Downey’s genius inventor Tony Stark.

Last year on the British set of Avengers, Downey told us about how awesome it was to work alongside Spader again

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