15 Of The Worst Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Many celebs have been “killed” at the hands of the internet — that is, they’ve fallen victim to fake news reports of their passing being blasted across social media (and sometimes even reputable sites), sending fans into a panic. While many are easy to call BS on, some are much more impactful and believable than others, which is always a scary thing. It’s also a reminder to never forget that this is the Internet we’re dealing with, people. The following celeb death hoaxes rank among the worst in recent memory.


Miley has been the victim of death rumors on the Internet multiple times, with the most convincing scam occuring in 2014. A supposed photo of the singer overdosing appearing with the caption “{SHOCKING} Miley Cyrus Found Dead In Her Los Angeles Home!” was chilling to say the least. It turns out it was all a ploy to lure people to click the link, which would then take them to an online survey.


With the life of his character Daryl in “The Walking Dead” always at risk, the internet loves to prey on all of our fears by declaring actor Norman Reedus dead, which has sadly happened more than once. Back in 2014, alleged reports of his death in a car accident were spreading like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. To poke fun at the hoaxers, Reedus posted a photo of his character Daryl in the trunk of a car to his Twitter account.


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