12 Things Women Do Right Before Sex but Never Admit To

What “freshening up” really means.

Wouldn’t it be nice if spontaneous sex happened in real life the way it did in the movies? You know, when you can actually start ripping clothes off in a moment of passion and get right to it…with zero stress? Unfortunately, we have way too many preferred pre-sex rituals for that kind of impulsive sex to happen completely carefree. We much prefer when we have time to do these things (even if we’d never admit it publicly):

1. Whip Out That Matching Lingerie That Never Sees the Light of Day

And then struggle to decide whether you’ll wear it uncomfortably under your clothes for the entire date or keep it in your purse so you can put it on in the bathroom pre-action.

2. Shave—or Wax, or Depilate—Everything

You’ll let the unruly hair go free later, but sometimes you just want to be smooth, damnit.


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