12 days of Deadpool ahead of new trailer premiere

On the first day of Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth gave to thee … a poster with a “load of me.”

But the fourth-wall breaking character isn’t stopping there, planning to deliver 12 whole days of new reveals, culminating in a brand new trailer for the upcoming film on Christmas Day.

Appearing in a new video, Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in his full Deadpool suit, reveals that Monday’s exclusive poster debut on EW is just the start of the 12 Days of Deadpool. A different outlet will debut a new Deadpool-related item each day through Christmas, when a brand new trailer for the film is released.

“It’s time for Saint Wade to put the ‘win’ in winter wonderland,” Deadpool teases in the video below, which lists what outlets or content fans can look forward to each day of the brand new holiday.

The new Deadpool trailer will debut on Dec. 25, while the film hits theaters on Feb. 12.


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